Project #1: Self Data Image

Project #1: Self Data Image

I was a bit worried going into my first project as I had absolutely no experience with Photoshop or any other photo editing programs and utilizing some of the basic skills I learned I thought the best way to create something that represented me was to tattoo all the the things that interest me on a photo of myself. My interests are eclectic, comprised of cinema entertainment, ideological leanings, sports teams, and lifestyle choices. There’s no real grouping of categories in the tattoos as they are simply placed where I believed looked and stood out best. The only tattoo that is meaningfully placed is the American flag over my heart. I’m not going to go into each tattoo’s meaning or why I put them on there because I believe the piece should speak for itself and the viewer can draw their own conclusions as to who I am. That was the point of the project, no?

Heres a list of the tattoos in case it is not 100% clear what some of them are, and represent…

Left Arm/Shoulder (from bottom): Liberty, Anonymous mask art, Bitcoin logo, Florida Gator, Newcastle United

Right Arm/Shoulder (from bottom): Freedom, UNM Lobo, Brian Griffin, Detroit Tigers “D”, No GMO, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Portlandia Bird.

Sternum (from top): We the People, Upside down back of the dollar bill, The Dude from The Big Lebowski, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Kid Cudi album art, Anarchy symbol, Legalize/Educate/Regulate/Medicate Marijuana, American Flag, Heisenberg (Breaking Bad), Simply Organic, Oakland Raiders, Gadsden Flag Snake, and Live Free or Die.


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