I moved to Albuquerque all the way from Gainesville, Florida to be a part of the IFDM program here at UNM. I’ve had dreams of moving out west (LA is the ultimate) since I was about 14. Albuquerque wooed me with Breaking Bad, the Avengers, and of course the mountains. I’m 18 years old and am currently a freshman although I accumulated over 50 college credits my last couple years of high school. Currently I consider myself a writer as that is the only real work I’ve done. My writing team back home, (I like to make it sound professional) which is my older brother and one of our friends, just finished writing our first full length screenplay so that’s why I think I can say I’m a writer of sorts, and hope to become an established one in the near future. Ultimately I want to continue writing and make that my career, but I’ve decided to join IFDM and major in production so I can learn the technical aspects to film as well because you can never learn too many things in this industry, and the more you’re good at, the better chance you have of not starving. (I’m all for not starving) I’m not the greatest artist, (drawing, modeling, what have you) but I’m excited to get better. (see above for why) I guess when it’s all said and done, aside from just writing, my biggest goal is to write, direct, produce, and act in my own film. (Ben Affleck style) That would be the coolest thing to me, even if I just have a Tarantino-esque cameo (That dude really likes getting killed) Ummm…yeahhhh…sooo…probably going to be posting a few things a week…sooo…just be on the look out. And yes, for those of you privy (or not privy?) that was indeed a Blumberg from Office Space impression. Sorry for the annoying parenthetical commentary through out. add another page.


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