Project #2: Photography (Extra Architecture)

Project #2: Photography (Extra Architecture)

We were supposed to only put 3 photos on our blog, but I like this photo so much that I had to put it up. This is an artsy take on downtown Albuquerque. I used the tilt photography method that Miguel talked about in our lecture last week, and put a bubble wrap filter on in photoshop, and then edited it further. Just an extra post, so enjoy!


Project #2: Photography (Collage)

Project #2: Photography (Collage)

So what you are witnessing here is my genius take on the collage portion of the project. I took a background of the Sandia and placed pieces from downtown ABQ on top, and then had some fun editing it. You may notice the statue of the man in the bottom right area of the photo and think it is kind of out of place, but that’s the reason I really like it. I used the “multiply” effect with all the other images to give them that transparent look, but I left the statue normal and quite opaque. I like how it doesn’t really make sense for him to be there, it makes him eerie in a way.

Project #2: Photography (Landscape)

Project #2: Photography (Landscape)

I went on a bit of a hike to obtain this photo as the viewer can clearly see. I hiked a few hundred feet up the foot of the Sandia and just started snapping photos. This was my favorite of the bunch because it gets so much of the city along with the cactus that dominates the front of the photograph, and the viewer can see the mountains deep in the horizon. I just did some simple edits to this, increased shadow depth, and vibrance to make everything really pop.

Project #2: Photography (Architecture)

Project #2: Photography (Architecture)

This is a photo of the plaza in downtown Albuquerque. I picked this photo because before any editing this was clearly my best photo. It was simply really aesthetically pleasing to me, oh and the plaza just so happened to be featured in the latest episode of Breaking Bad which was pretty exciting for me since I had taken the photo just two days before. The plaza is a really beautiful place architecturally, and what I found most intriguing was the stage structure, and with the tall buildings in the background it makes this place quite a sight.